Guess who came
to Thanksgiving dinner
last November?

Guess who came to Thanksgiving dinner last November? I fixed Barack Obama a small plate of turkey and all the trimmings (he’s a light eater!) and invited him to join us at the supper table. As part of the yearly ritual, Americans ask themselves on Thanksgiving Day what they are thankful for. The election of President Barack Obama topped my list!

To the credit of the American public—which needed serious rehabilitation after electing Idiot Boy twice—hope conquered fear.

If Barack Obama and his close advisors play it right, we should experience a sea change in politics and culture in the coming years. While strong forces stand against the prospects for global harmony—religious fundamentalism, extreme nationalism, and market fundamentalism—we will certainly see a less aggressive and more respectful American foreign policy in the future. Obama is a “citizen of the world.” He sees things from a global perspective and has the knowledge and intelligence to deal with complex problems sensitively and effectively.

Despite the post-election enthusiasm, Barack Obama has received considerable criticism from some progressives in the Democratic Party concerning several appointments he made to his cabinet and administrative staff. These criticisms merit our attention because some of the appointments do indeed seem to be out of step with Obama’s “change” agenda. Personally, I really questioned Hillary Clinton’s appointment as Secretary of State. Clinton voted to give Bush authority to invade Iraq, said she was willing to “annihilate” Iran to protect Israel, and insulted Obama in strong, sometimes crude, ways during the primary. I was looking in a completely different direction for this vital post. Fareed Zakaria was my choice.

Obama responds to this criticism by saying he is the one responsible for effecting change and that his appointees will all work to fulfill his vision. That claim brings me to the main point of this brief commentary:

Trust Barack Obama. Even if you don’t understand or agree with some of his choices. Obama has earned our confidence. No president has ever inherited the kinds of problems he faces. Take a deep breath, step back, and watch him work.


© James Lull