The Moon Will Not Be Eaten
By The Clouds
Personal Encounters that Shaped a Life

James Lull

How do the challenges we face in life turn us into the individuals we become? From a brush with death at birth and the thrill of childhood adventures to the deeply-troubling search for meaning and love as an adult, noted author and cultural commentator James Lull dramatically recounts several key moments that have shaped his fascinating life. Sixteen breathtakingly personal and beautifully written short stories transport the reader into a nightmarish summer camp, an ill-advised sleepover in a Minnesota corn field, a radio deejay's confrontation with the Ku Klux Klan, the wrenching ordeal of combat in Vietnam, a search for oil in the streets of turbulent south central Los Angeles, the passing of a beloved parent, and an epic struggle with immigration authorities in Brazil among many other riveting encounters.

James Lull's previous books describe how human communication continuously shapes and reshapes cultures around the world. His richly detailed and compelling writing has made him an award winning author, a prominent public speaker, and the recipient of honorary doctoral degrees in Europe and Latin America. Lull brings the sharp eye and sensitivity of an experienced ethnographer to the slice-of-life stories he tells in this engaging autobiographical collection.

But the stories are as much about you as they are about the author. From the moment we first become aware of our very existence through the many personal encounters about life, love, and happiness that follow, you'll likely find plenty of your own history and future in these pages too.

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